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Ready to change?

Ready to change?

We recently started a new series of "Living a Chilled Life" about big changes in life, and the rhythms we need to move with if we are going to develop and stay rested and productive. It has turned out to be something I am getting lots of experience in!

Living a Chilled Life

Living a Chilled Life

I've been running a chillout music station which has been growing nicely for some time now. In a new series of podcasts, I'm starting a conversation about what it means to find "chill" in a stressful life. Join me here for a bit more chill time!


Chill news

New podcasts out now!image

"Living a Chilled Life" is all about dealing with stress and learning from life. Read More

Random blogging

Creativity and moreimage

I've put a mixture of stuff about being creative on my blog (in between lots of X Factor obsession)Read More

Following Jesus

The Cross Factorimage

What difference does Jesus make to us in a recession? I'm thinking it's time to start sharing good news. Read More


Welcome to my new site

imageHello and welcome to something slightly less amateurish than the old page which just sort of directed you to my Myspace. Remember Myspace? That was, like, 2006 - the year of Orson, Sandi Thom and Shakira's hips not lying.

Life was simple then. But now people play video games by waving their arms, I have a fridge with an ice dispenser which needs to be plumbed in, and so many things only make sense when I write them down. Am I becoming a writer, or a blogger, or just getting old?

Following Jesus

If love is the answer, what was the question?


I've started a blog and podcast here on how Jesus is my source of peace, without which I couldn't be very chilled.

Now I know some people link God more with conflict than peace, and that's a real challenge. What does it mean to get peace from God? That's what I've been discussing with friends, and you are invited to join in the conversation here, soon.


And... relax

imageI need to get my balance between rest and work a bit better, i.e. more rest.

So not much more to say on this page.

and working

Another day at the office

imageI used to be an employee for one company, and life was simple.

Now I'm employed in three jobs, and freelancing for more. I'm seeing a lot of stressed people in a difficult year, and still working out myself how best to use time. Building relationships, looking for opportunities, trying to share the ideas and experiences which are making a difference - it's fun. Often unprofitable. Could I ever go back to 9-5?

with friends

Our neighbours are great!

imageMy wife Helen and I live in The Dings, a part of central Bristol which used to be surrounded by industry. This made the people feel isolated, but they stuck together.

Now the area is redeveloping with new houses, we're a warm welcome point for a lot of new people. I'll tell you about some of the amazing people around here in my blog.

My pics
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Ways to help you chill

The Chill station website has non-stop music for chilling with, and links to communities of people who are getting together to help each other chill. Join in

Pip n Jay church

Pip n Jay is a friendly group of people in Bristol who are following Jesus. You can read more at our website, and get in touch if you want to know more. Join in

Work stress

Life is fun but stressful as a freelancer. Variety, choice, uncertainty, potential, a great chance to build faith. I'm writing some notes... Read more
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